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Hi All,

As a drum teacher for over a couple decades I've wished for many years for a service like this where I could encourage a student to browse a favorite drummer or band and find a drum transcription of a song they like that I could help them learn.

There are some sites online with a good amount of resources, but it always bugged me how difficult it was and how long it took to find all the smaller sites that had great and sometimes free transcriptions as well. Even after finding a transcription it took more time and was often impossible to tell if that same song existed in an in-print-publication, which I love to encourage my students to buy because they often contain many other songs from the same band that a student might like to play as well.

After many years of work that resource that complies all online and in-print drum transcriptions into one place now exists!  I hope you enjoy using it as much as I am! :-)

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