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Billy Cobham Directions in Percussion
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Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 6:29 pm -0600

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A collection of scores from Billy Cobham recordings analyzed in great depth, both on the printed page and on the included CD recording. Each composition is presented in a rhythm chart, in examples keyed to the CD, in full score and then in lead sheets for C, B-flat and E-flat instruments. Billy Cobham's notes and comments complement this thorough presentation.

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This publication includes

Song Artist
StratusMushu Creole Blues, On the Inside Track, Alfa Waves and Taurian Matador Billy Cobham
Red Baron Billy Cobham
Cosswinds Billy Cobham
Red and Yellow Cabriolet Billy Cobham
Mushu Creole Blues Billy Cobham
On the Inside Track Billy Cobham
Alfa Waves and Taurian Matador Billy Cobham