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Complete Rush, Vol. 1: The '70s & Live (47 Song Collection of Drum Transcriptions)
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Friday, March 26, 2021 at 2:25 pm -0600

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These are note-for-note transcriptions of Neil Peart's drum parts from the five studio Rush albums (with Neil) released in the 1970s.  Also included are 19 live songs from their debut album, some rarities, A Passage to Bangkok (ESL), In the End and Anthem (ATWAS), R30 Overture, and four different live versions of Closer to the Heart.  I strive to be detailed, accurate and create music that is easy to read.  Each album and song is also available individually.  (Note: The studio version of their self-titled debut is not part of this collection.)


Complete albums included in this collection (47 songs total):

  • Fly By Night
  • Caress of Steel
  • 2112
  • A Farewell to Kings
  • Hemispheres

Also included:

  • 19 Live songs selected from:
    • All the World's a Stage
    • Exit Stage Left
    • A Show of Hands
    • Different Stages
    • R30 Live
    • Time Machine Tour 
    • R40 Live 
    • ABC 1974
    • Spirit of Radio Live '74-'80
    • An Evening with Rush 1997
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This publication includes

Song Artist
In The End Rush
Beneath, Between and Behind Rush
By Tor and the Snow Dog Rush
Making Memories Rush
Best I Can Rush
Anthem Rush
Fly By Night Rush
Lakeside Park Rush
Bastille Day Rush
The Necromancer Rush
The Fountain of Lamneth Rush
I Think I'm Going Bald Rush
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx Rush
2112 Rush
I. Overture Rush
II. The Temples of Syrinx Rush
III. Discovery Rush
IV. Presentation Rush
V. Oracle: The Dream Rush
VI. Soliloquy Rush
VII. Grand Finale Rush
A Passage to Bangkok Rush
The Twilight Zone Rush
Lessons Rush
Tears Rush
Something For Nothing Rush
Madrigal Rush
Cinderella Man Rush
Closer to the Heart Rush
Xanadu Rush
A Farewell to Kings Rush
Cygnus X 1 Rush
The Trees Rush
Circumstances Rush
La Villa Strangiato Rush
Hemispheres (Cygnus X 1, Book 2) Rush
Finding My Way (Live) Rush
Need Some Love (Live) Rush
Fancy Dancer (Live) Rush
Here Again (Live) Rush
Working Man (Live) (with drum solo) Rush
Garden Road (Live) Rush
Bad Boy (Live) Rush
Working Man medley (Live) Rush
What You're Doing (Live) Rush
In the Mood (Live) Rush
What You're Doing & Working Man medley (Live) Rush
Closer to the Heart (Live) Rush
Closer to the Heart (Live 1997) Rush
Closer to the Heart (Live 2011) Rush