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Complete Rush, Vol. 2: The '80s (61 Song Collection of Drum Transcriptions)
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Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 10:47 pm -0600

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These are note-for-note transcriptions of Neil Peart's drum parts from the seven studio Rush albums released in the 1980s.  Also included is Neil's percussion composition "Pieces of Eight", a live version of "Jacob's Ladder", and "The Rhythm Method" drum solo from A Show of Hands.  I strive to be detailed, accurate and create music that is easy to read.  Each album and song is also available individually.


Complete albums included in this collection (61 songs total):

  • Permanent Waves
  • Moving Pictures
  • Signals
  • Grace Under Pressure
  • Power Windows
  • Hold Your Fire
  • Presto

Also included:

  • "Pieces of Eight"
  • Jacob's Ladder (R40 Live)
  • The Rhythm Method (A Show of Hands)


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This publication includes

Song Artist
The Spirit of Radio Rush
Freewill Rush
Jacob's Ladder Rush
Entre Nous Rush
Different Strings Rush
Natural Science Rush
YYZ Rush
Limelight Rush
Red Barchetta Rush
The Camera Eye Rush
Vital Signs Rush
Tom Sawyer Rush
Witch Hunt Rush
Countdown Rush
The Weapon Rush
Losing It Rush
Chemistry Rush
New World Man Rush
The Analog Kid Rush
Subdivisions Rush
Digital Man Rush
Kid Gloves Rush
Afterimage Rush
The Body Electric Rush
The Enemy Within Rush
Red Lenses Rush
Distant Early Warning Rush
Between the Wheels Rush
Red Sector A Rush
Grand Designs Rush
Emotion Detector Rush
Territories Rush
Middletown Dreams Rush
Mystic Rhythms Rush
The Big Money Rush
The Manhattan Project Rush
Marathon Rush
Force Ten Rush
High Water Rush
Lock and Key Rush
Mission Rush
Open Secrets Rush
Prime Mover Rush
Tai Shan Rush
Turn the Page Rush
Time Stand Still Rush
Second Nature Rush
Superconductor Rush
Presto Rush
The Pass Rush
Hand Over Fist Rush
Anagram Rush
Red Tide Rush
Scars Rush
War Paint Rush
Available Light Rush
Show Don't Tell Rush
Pieces of Eight Neil Peart