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Complete Rush, Vol. 3: The '90s and Beyond (83 Song Collection of Drum Transcriptions)
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Friday, March 19, 2021 at 10:40 pm -0600

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These are note-for-note transcriptions of Neil Peart's drum parts from the last seven studio Rush albums.  Also included are the five songs Neil played with Vertical Horizon and his version of "The Hockey Theme".  I strive to be detailed, accurate and create music that is easy to read.  Each album and song is also available individually.


Complete albums included in this collection (83 songs total):

  • Roll the Bones
  • Counterparts
  • Test for Echo
  • Vapor Trails
  • Feedback
  • Snakes & Arrows
  • Clockwork Angels

Also included:

  • Vertical Horizon songs (5)
  • "The Hockey Theme"
  • Bravado (Live 1992; 2 different concerts)


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This publication includes

Song Artist
You Bet Your Life Rush
The Big Wheel Rush
Ghost of a Chance Rush
Dreamline Rush
Face Up Rush
Neurotica Rush
Heresy Rush
Bravado Rush
Roll the Bones Rush
Where's My Thing? Rush
The Speed of Love Rush
Stick It Out Rush
Nobody's Hero Rush
Alien Shore Rush
Animate Rush
Leave That Thing Alone Rush
Everyday Glory Rush
Double Agent Rush
Cut to the Chase Rush
Cold Fire Rush
Between Sun & Moon Rush
Driven Rush
Virtuality Rush
Totem Rush
Test for Echo Rush
Limbo Rush
Carve Away the Stone Rush
The Color of Right Rush
Resist Rush
Time and Motion Rush
Half the World Rush
Dog Years Rush
Peaceable Kingdom Rush
Freeze (Part IV of "Fear") Rush
Out of the Cradle Rush
Ceiling Unlimited Rush
Vapor Trail Rush
How It Is Rush
Ghost Rider Rush
The Stars Look Down Rush
Secret Touch Rush
Sweet Miracle Rush
Nocturne Rush
One Little Victory Rush
The Seeker Rush
Summertime Blues Rush
Crossroads Rush
Heart Full of Soul Rush
Mr. Soul Rush
For What It's Worth Rush
Seven and Seven Is Rush
Shapes of Things Rush
The Way the Wind Blows Rush
We Hold On Rush
Good News First Rush
Faithless Rush
Armor and Sword Rush
Malignant Narcissism Rush
Spindrift Rush
Bravest Face Rush
The Larger Bowl Rush
Workin' Them Angels Rush
Far Cry Rush
The Main Monkey Business Rush
Wish Them Well Rush
The Garden Rush
The Anarchist Rush
Carnies Rush
The Wreckers Rush
Halo Effect Rush
Seven Cities of Gold Rush
Caravan Rush
BU2B Rush
Headlong Flight Rush
Clockwork Angels Rush
Instamatic Vertical Horizon
Even Now Vertical Horizon
Welcome to the Bottom Vertical Horizon
Save Me from Myself Vertical Horizon
South for the Winter Vertical Horizon
The Hockey Theme Neil Peart