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Giorgio By Moroder Drum Sheet Music
Artist: Daft Punk feat. Omar Hakim Transcription By: Intense Rhythm Drum Studios Type: Full Drum Transcription / Drum Sheet Music

Saturday, August 21, 2021 at 4:15 pm -0600

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  • Album Random Access Memories
  • Genre Electronic Dance Music
  • Drummer Omar Hakim
  • Time Signature 4/4
  • Difficulty5
  • Year2013
  • Tempo113
Between 1993 and 2021, French electronic dance music (EDM) producers, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo turned their particular brand of music into a cultural phenomenon.

Under the name Daft Punk, They sold the world the illusion that they were actually robots who wrote, recorded and performed dance music through the use of vocoders - vocal processing effects which essentially computerised their vocals.

Additionally, when performing or appearing in public, they enforced the notion of them being AI by utilising 'robot' personas and costumes, partnered with tightly controlled marketing of their music, image and brand.

In doing so Daft Punk have managed to become more than human. In fact, so successful is their illusion, that they are universally referred to as 'The Robots'.

This was always underpinned by their music. Sometimes made wholly on computers and sometimes combined with traditional band instruments - It sounds more like music made and played by robots than anything has ever sounded.

So, when they dropped what would become their final album 'Random Access Memories' in 2013, it came as a bit of a shock that they had collaborated with humans - and not just any old humans. They were some of the 70's most famous disco musicians as well as some of today's brightest stars.

Including Nile Rodgers from 70's disco juggernauts Chic, current music producing phenom Pharrell Williams, and 'The Father of Disco' Giorgio Moroder, the Robots managed to craft the perfect hybrid album - half electronic and half organic. It was received with open arms and glowing praise from pretty much the whole music world. Additionally it ended up being Daft Punks only chart-topping album in the US.

There could be no better example of the Robot's mastery of combining computer music with organic performances than the nine minute epic 'Giorgio By Moroder'. The track pays homage to Giorgio Moroder, whom the robots interviewed in order to get the story of his life. They then chopped this interview up and composed the song around it.

The song also features Drummer Omar Hakim, who in 2019 celebrated his 50th year as a session musician. Those who know Omar's body of work can atest to his virtuosity and flexibility. Omar started in the jazz scene but then moved with the times through the disco and pop eras, and also remained as a first call drummer in the 80's due to his knowledge of programming and playing with drum machines. He has performed and recorded with such luminaries as Weather Report, Dire Straits, Madonna, Sting, Journey, David Bowie, Miles Davis and George Benson to name but a few.

Despite his extensive experience, Omar was asked to do something in the Daft Punk session that he'd never done before. The Robots didn't have any songs prepared. Rather, they requested that Omar come in and jam with them over pre-determined keyboard riffs that Thomas played live with him. Omar referred to this process as a 'live sampling session', something that the Robots then fed into a computer, snipped up into little pieces and then stitched back together again to form the drum track for the song.

Interestingly, Omar's performance wasn't the only drums in the piece. As the idea of the song was to lovingly pay tribute to Giorgio Moroder who was one of the originators of Disco in the 70's and 80's, the Robots incorporated Omar's four-on-the-floor drum grooves to illustrate 70's disco and then added a straight-ahead drum machine beat to illustrate the sound of 80's and 90's dance music. To complete the composition, a full band and string arrangement was utilised for the noughtie's and future sections of the song, with Omar's talents on full show. This section features driving funk-tinged grooves with syncopated snare patterns on the '3-and' of each bar, ghost notes for days and some of the tastiest syncopated fill sections ever caught on tape.

The result? A modern classic that not only lovingly embraces the 'Father of Disco', but also takes the us drummers on a musical journey through the styles of the decades - from straight organic disco beats, to quantised computer grooves, and settling on the expressive soloing of one of the world's most widely accomplished and respected drummers.

This chart captures as closely as I could achieve both the drum machine parts as well as the parts played on acoustic drums. Consequently, it may be difficult to play every note on one kit, however; it's all there and ready for you to interpret as you see fit.

Get this chart if you love the song and want to play Omar's beautiful syncopated funk grooves as well as unleashing the beast in the final 16 bars on full crash!
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