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Jacob's Ladder (R40 Live) Drum Sheet Music
Artist: Rush Transcription By: Drumm Transcriptions Type: Collection of Drum Transcriptions

Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 4:43 am -0600

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These are note-for-note transcriptions of Neil Peart's drum parts from various live albums (ABC 1974, Spirit of Radio Live 1974-80, All the World's a Stage, Exit Stage Left, Different Stages, A Show of Hands, An Evening with Rush 1997, Time Machine Tour 2011, R30 and R40 Live). It also includes a 2 minute drum solo at the end of Working Man from "ABC 1974". The songs are largely from their debut album "Rush", plus two rare early songs, one cover song, A Passage to Bangkok (ESL), Jacob's Ladder (R40), Anthem and In The End (ATWAS), R30 Overture and four versions of "Closer to the Heart".  I strive to be detailed, accurate and create music that is easy to read. *Note, these are live versions of the songs, not the studio versions.* Each song is also available individually.


Songs included in this collection [album]:


  • What You're Doing [All the World's a Stage]
  • In the Mood [Different Stages]
  • What You're Doing-Working medley [R40 Live]
  • Closer to the Heart [A Show of Hands]
  • Working Man (with drum solo) [ABC 1974]
  • Finding My Way [ABC 1974]
  • Need Some Love [ABC 1974]
  • Here Again [ABC 1974]
  • Fancy Dancer [ABC 1974]
  • Garden Road [ABC 1974]
  • Working Man medley (Anthem, Bastille Day) [Spirit of Radio Live 1974-1980]
  • Bad Boy [Spirit of Radio Live 1974-1980]
  • Closer to the Heart [Time machine Tour 2011]
  • Closer to the Heart [An Evening with Rush 1997]
  • Closer to the Heart [Different Stages 1997]
  • A Passage to Bangkok [Exit Stage Left 1981]
  • Jacob's Ladder [R40 Live 2015]
  • In the End [All the World's a Stage 1976]
  • Anthem [All the World's a Stage 1976]
  • R30 Overture [R30 2005]
Better than the drum tab, this is a drum sheet music chart, drum score, or drum transcription for Jacob's Ladder (R40 Live) by Rush A great deal for your money because it is included in a collection of drum transcriptions.
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