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Jamey Aebersold Maiden Voyage Jazz Drums Play
Artist: Transcription By: Jamey Aebersold MVJDPA Type: Publication

Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 6:29 pm -0600

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Book and CD by Steve Davis

Beginning/intermediate. Drummers can now see how the various grooves on the world famous “Volume 54 Maiden Voyage” play-a-long are accomplished. Drummer Steve Davis has carefully selected choruses most representative of the various tracks so that you can immediately get started with the play-a-long CD and add your own creativity in the process. Each transcription includes concise no-nonsense tips/suggestions for approaching each style. All selections are songs every aspiring drummer must know and they represent a wide variety of forms, feels, and tempos. Special stereo separation on the CD allows for the drum track to be eliminated so that you can “sit in” with the piano and bass. This is an important acquisition for any drummer thinking about joining a jazz band or gigging. It will put you “ahead of the game!"

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This publication includes

Song Artist
Impressions Jamey Aebersold
Bb Blues Jamey Aebersold
Solar Flair Jamey Aebersold
Summertime Jamey Aebersold
Watermelon Man Jamey Aebersold
Song For My Father Jamey Aebersold
Satin Doll Jamey Aebersold
Maiden Voyage Jamey Aebersold
F Blues Jamey Aebersold
Cantaloupe Island Jamey Aebersold
Footprints Jamey Aebersold
Doxy Jamey Aebersold
Autumn Leaves Jamey Aebersold
III/VI7/II/V7 Jamey Aebersold