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Jamey Aebersold Standard Time Jazz Drum Play
Artist: Transcription By: Jamey Aebersold JDPST Type: Publication

Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 6:29 pm -0600

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This set features 11 Standard grooves, forms and chord progressions every drummer will encounter including swing, latin, 3/4, calypso, alternating feels, odd forms and more. The special CD stereo separation allows the drum track to be removed, so you can play-a-long and trade fours with the comping piano and bass. The book contains both time and solo transcriptions and information on approaching each type of song. For all drummers, student or pro!

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This publication includes

Song Artist
Brooklyn Blues Jamey Aebersold
Blues Fish Alley Jamey Aebersold
Soul Buddies Jamey Aebersold
Woman In Rio Jamey Aebersold
Rhythm Jamey Aebersold
Tom's A Saint Jamey Aebersold
Sugar And Spices Jamey Aebersold
Jail Birds Jamey Aebersold
South Of The Border Jamey Aebersold
Where Is She? Jamey Aebersold
Blind By Day Jamey Aebersold