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My Iron Lung Drum Sheet Music
Artist: Radiohead Transcription By: Intense Rhythm Drum Studios Type: Full Drum Transcription

Saturday, August 21, 2021 at 6:18 pm -0600

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  • Album The Bends
  • Genre Rock
  • Drummer Phillip Selway
  • Time Signature 4/4
  • Difficulty2.5
  • Year1995
  • Tempo97

Radiohead have made a career of writing and performing some damn catchy pop/rock tunes that are just a little left of centre. Take their 1997 release 'OK Computer' which was their third album and the first that showed audences that they were interested in more experimental songs and the methods used to record them.

This chart is of the song 'My Iron Lung', which appeared on their second album 'The Bends', released in 1995. Whilst this offering isn't so experimental, it definitely is a tasty slice of pop rock.

Drummer Phillip Selway played a relatively straightforward part in the verse and pre-chorus sections, which perfectly suits the simple guitar riffs and pleasant vocal lines.

But in the Chorus he joins the rest of the band with his take on the 'Funky Drummer' beat made famous by Clyde Stubblefield on James Brown's release of the same name.

Additionally, the band employs 'the push' numerous times in the chorus, which rushes the feel of the song early into the next bar.

It's worthy to note that the whole band also uses another type of 'push' - they push the tempo in the chorus, giving the piece a slightly 'out of control' feel when it reaches those parts.

To me it kinda feels like a car rolling down a hill with failed brakes - gaining momentum and getting a little out of control in the chorus, but slowing down on the flat when it rolls back into the verse sections. The final extended chorus is almost like the car continuing to gather speed only to uncontrollably smash into a dead end at the bottom of the hill at the finish of the song.

it's actually a really cool example of how you can use different elements of music (in this case tempo) in a very organic and non-quantised way to effect the listener's experience.

This chart would be perfect for the developing drummer who hasn't yet learned how to accent on the last eighth of the bar as well as those who want to 'rockify' the Funky Drummer beat. 

Better than the drum tab, this is a full drum transcription, drum sheet music chart, or drum score for My Iron Lung by Radiohead.
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