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Off The Record Play
Artist: Transcription By: Belwin Music LibertyDeVittoOTR Type: Publication

Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 6:29 pm -0600

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Liberty DeVitto has gained international recognition recording and touring with Billy Joel for the past sixteen years. Now, Liberty and Manhattan Music have put together an incredible package featuring eleven songs from the original Billy Joel studio masters. The drum tracks have been removed so that you can recreate the original session with you as the drummer. Before each tune on the tape, Liberty plays the main grooves from the different sections of the song. Liberty's drum parts from the albums have been transcribed in detail (including fills), so that you can play all his parts, or follow a simple "roadmap" chart and create your own grooves and fills. Off the Record also includes Liberty's insights and stories behind each song, as well as an in-depth interview focusing on his journey from small clubs as a teenager, to playing with one of the biggest acts in the world.

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This publication includes

Song Artist
I Go To extremes Billy Joel
That's Not Her Style Billy Joel
Running On Ice Billy Joel
Pressure Billy Joel
Keeping the Faith Billy Joel
Alone Any More Billy Joel
Still Rock And Roll To Me Billy Joel
Rosalinda's Eyes Billy Joel
Honesty Billy Joel
Just The Way You Are Billy Joel
Get it Right The First Time Billy Joel