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On the Beaten Path: Jazz
Artist: Transcription By: Alfred Music OBPJDGLDI Type: Publication

Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 6:29 pm -0600

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This is an essential exploration of 12 world-renowned jazz drummers, their influences, the music they made famous, and the gear they played. Authentic transcriptions and easy-to-follow lessons are included for 36 legendary beats and solos. You will gain insight into the development of the jazz genre and it's many subgenres. The CD includes performances that demonstrate all the beats and solos in the book.

All paths lead to jazz. Trace back to the origins of most any style of music and you'll find that all paths lead to jazz. The most influential masters of rock, funk, reggae, progressive rock, and even metal drumming cite the legendary jazz drummers and the music they created as at least part of their inspiration. Jazz, more than any other genre, embodies the creative spirit and the basic human instinct to push boundaries. This book dives into the genre we all know and love and explores it from a drummer's perspective. You'll learn about jazz, its roots, and all of the significant events that happened as it flourished. You'll learn about a dozen drummers that impacted the style, the gear they used, the licks and solos that made them famous, and the significant albums that defined their genre. Welcome to On the Beaten Path: Jazz! Enjoy the ride.

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This publication includes

Song Artist
A Lot of Livin' to Do Pat Metheny
Little Niles Bill Stewart
Primal Dance Joe Lovano
Deed I Do (Beginner) Diana Krall
Deed I Do (Intermediate) Diana Krall
Take Me Out to the Ball Game The Ray Brown Trio
It Never Entered My Mind Keith Jarrett
Bayou Fever Jack DeJohnette
The Masquerade Is Over Keith Jarrett
Fall Miles Davis
Seven Steps to Heaven Miles Davis
So What Miles Davis
Lonnie's Lament John Coltrane Quartetz
Pt. II: Resolution (Intermediate) John Coltrane Quartetz
Pt. II: Resolution (Advanced) John Coltrane Quartetz
Milestones Miles Davis
I'm Old Fashioned John Coltrane
Locomotion John Coltrane
The Drum Also Waltzes Max Roach
Blues Waltz Max Roach
Ko-Ko Charlie Parker
Moanin (Beginner) Art Blakey
Moanin (Intermediate) Art Blakey
In Walked Bud Thelonious Mon
Channel One Suite (Beginner) Buddy Rich
Jumpin' at the Woodside Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich
Channel One Suite (Advanced) Buddy Rich
Blue Rondo a la Turk The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Take Five(Advanced) The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Take Five(Intermediate) The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Sing, Sing, Sing Benny Goodman Orchestra
King Porter Stomp Benny Goodman Orchestra
Bernie's Tune Benny Goodman Orchestra
One O'Clock Jump Count Basie Band
Little Susie Count Basie Band
Cubano Chant Count Basie Band