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This Cat's on a Hot Tin Roof Drum Sheet Music
Artist: The Brian Setzer Orchestra Transcription By: Intense Rhythm Drum Studios Type: Full Drum Transcription

Saturday, August 21, 2021 at 5:52 pm -0600

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  • Album The Dirty Boogie
  • Genre Neo Jazz
  • Drummer Bernie Dresel
  • Time Signature 4/9
  • Difficulty3
  • Year1998
  • Tempo196

Ask a lot of kids today and they'll tell you that Jazz is what their great grand pappy used to listen to on the wireless in the evening after a hard day's work - that is, if they know what Jazz is at all.

But it would be criminal for us drummers not to recognise that jazz is the genre that gave birth to the drumkit.

So, why is it that younger drummers don't like playing Jazz? Is it too difficult? Does it sound too old-timey? Dunno, it's just lucky that Neo Swing happened in the 80's and 90's.

You see, after decades of Jazz being deemed uncool, it came back in a big way in the late 80's. It all started with singer/guitarist Brian Setzer and his rockabilly outfit The Stray Cats paving the way for the formation of swing bands to fuse Big Band Jazz and Jump Blues, whilst sprinkling some hard edged rockabilly guitar and drums into the mix.

The result? An explosion of bands like Royal Crown Revue, the Cherry Poppin Daddies and Squirrel Nut Zippers taking to stages, airwaves and record sales charts everywhere.

Brian Setzer formed his own oufit in 1990 - the Brian Setzer Orchestra - and slam dunked Neo Swing into the charts. Their third album 'The Dirty Boogie' spawned hit tunes and widespread recognition for the band, but it was the opening track 'This Cat's On a Hot Tin Roof' that most faithfully conveyed The rockabilly feel of the Stray Cats, combined with the raucous over-the-top instrumentation and arrangement of big bands.

This transcription captures drummer Bernie Dresel's catchy open/closed hihat jazz pulse in the verse, and his all-out driving four-on-the-floor jazz stomp during the guitar solo. Add to this the snappy syncopations of the intro part doubled by the whole orchestra, and what you have is a modern jump band classic.

Grab this song if you want to really get into the heart and soul of late 90's rock-infused swing jazz, a complete hoot to learn and play.

Better than the drum tab, this is a full drum transcription, drum sheet music chart, or drum score for This Cat's on a Hot Tin Roof by The Brian Setzer Orchestra.
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