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Turn It Up & Lay It Down, Vol. 4 – “Baby Steps to Giant Steps” Play
Artist: Transcription By: Hudson Music BSGTD Type: Publication

Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 6:28 pm -0600

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Features NYC-based jazz musicians on piano, guitar, upright bass and sax swingin' away at tempos starting at 100 BPM and slowly getting faster and faster until you're blazing through the changes at 310 BPM. If you dig those smooth, smokey bars, fine Old K's and round badges, this one's for you!

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This publication includes

Song Artist
Let's Play One Spencer Strand
MmmmPick It Up a Little Spencer Strand
Coolalittle Faster Spencer Strand
Nice, Kick It Up a Touch Spencer Strand
C'mon Now Spencer Strand
Here We Go Spencer Strand
Feelin' Good Louie Spencer Strand
Lemme Count It Off Spencer Strand
It's Gettin' Hot In Here Spencer Strand
Go Get 'em (16 Bar Drum Solo Up Front) Spencer Strand
Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over? Spencer Strand